Investment, Business and Philanthropic Expertise


Purpose and Philosophy

DFEA was created to provide advice and expertise to members of the Duke family and certain philanthropic entities created by and supported by the family.  The firm draws on numerous resources and contacts to support various activities of the family and the family's philanthropies. Specifically, DFEA is committed to maximizing investment returns and leverages its experience in fixed income markets and investing to enhance returns while effectively managing risk. 




1355 Greenwood Cliff, Suite 250
Charlotte, NC 28204

3144 Casseekey Island Road
Jupiter, FL 33477



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DFEA provides investment advisce and strategy, particularly related to fixed income markets to enhance returns and mange risk.  Market insight, investment strategy and trade ideas are provided to the family and various foundations to maximize returns. 


The family is involved in various enterprises and family members are active and passive investors in businesses around the country.  DFEA provides business advice and expertise to family members and serves as an advisor to members of the family that serve as directors of public and private businesses.


The Duke family's philanthropic activities range from large foundations to small donor advised funds.  DFEA provides strategy and advice to the family and various philanthropic entities founded by or controlled by the family. 


Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.
— Winston Churchill